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Studio Entropia is an independent graphic design studio creating still, moving and interactive design solutions to empower brands’ communication. Our core mission is to develop timelessness, intelligent and innovative brand assets to those who believe in the power of beauty. The studio starts every project by researching, then ideating and finally making. Currently, we’re based in London and work globally. Feel free to chat to us in English, Italian or French. Voilà.

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About the founder

Fabio Catapano is the founder and principal designer of Studio Entropia. In 15 years of career, Fabio worked as a graphic, motion, digital and product designer for small, medium and global enterprises. He has designed digital solutions for FIFA World Cup, Samsung, Bayer, Virgin Media, Kimbo and more. His experiences also include collaboration with the music and cultural industry such as the TEDx, museums and music festivals.

Before funding Studio Entropia, Fabio was a senior user-experience and product consultant helping agencies and start-ups to achieve business goals by incorporating strategic design decisions.

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